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Finding The Right UK City For You

Make sure you consider the city you will be studying in when choosing your course at University, as this will have a direct impact on how far you move away from home and how expensive your living costs will be. The cities of the UK all have something different to offer you as a student, from night-life, natural beauty, transport links and leisure activities.

We have put together a series of articles looking at the strengths of all the major student cities in the UK, so have a read and find which city would be right for you.

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Studying In Bournemouth

Studying In Bournemouth

With sunny beaches, friendly locals and the happening nightlife, Bournemouth has pretty much got it all if you don’t fancy studying in a busy city

Studying In Canterbury

Studying In Canterbury

Canterbury is one of the UK’s oldest and most beautiful cities that lies on the banks of the River Great Stour - and it’s also really popular with students.

Studying In Swansea

Studying In Swansea

Home to two universities and a regenerated city centre, Swansea is relatively cheap, always cheerful and always beautiful

Studying In Dundee

Beautiful and historic, anyone spending their student lives in Dundee gets to enjoy the best of both the city centre and the surrounding wistful countryside