Travel North To Make the Most of Your Finances

Travel North

Things generally tend to be cheaper in the north. Why though? Well, some people would argue that the north just isn’t as good as the south. But we disagree. The weather may be worse, but for a student, travelling up north is a great opportunity.

Ok, admittedly, there are some cities and towns in the north that aren’t as pretty (or as safe) as down south, but don’t rule them out as good places to study! Below we have listed the three main advantages of travelling north to study, so you can weigh up your options and consider venturing up north.

Living Costs

House prices are cheaper, that’s a fact. For what you would pay for a bedroom in a shared house in London, you could afford a four bedroom house in some cities in the north and the same applies for renting. After your first year at university you almost always end up renting a house with a few of your mates, so if you decide to study in the north you can expect to pay much lower rental fees. Rent is normally around £100 per week in the south, and as little as £60 per week for a room in a shared house in the north. And that only means one thing… more money to spend on other things!


Ok, so we know you are students and we know some of you like to drink a hell of a lot of alcohol, so you will be pleased to know that alcohol is a lot cheaper in the north. Well, not if you buy it from a shop or supermarket, but definitely if you buy it on a night out. Your average pint of beer in the south, and particularly in London, can cost you around £5. But in the north, you could pay as little as £2 per pint, result! The situation is the same with spirits. When you are out for a student night in the north you could easily just spent a tenner, compared to a steep £30 on a night out in the south.

Some people might say that a night out in the north isn’t as good as a night out in the south. FYI – This is an urban myth. With cities like Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle to choose from, you’ll struggle to find a night out in the south that can be better! Tiger Tiger, Corporation, and Propaganda are some of the most popular clubs in the north, with entry to the nightclubs only being up to a maximum of £3 on student nights.

Job Prospects

Again, a lot of people slate the north for not having much opportunity for the younger generation, with many fleeing to London to start their careers. Again, we respectfully disagree. If you are a student and need to get a part-time job, being in the north is the best thing for you. Each of the major cities have multiple shopping centres, restaurants and cinemas, so part-time jobs are available in abundance.

The only downside, dare we say it, is that because it is cheaper to live in the north, you are generally paid less money. Bummer. It’s not all bad though, you will be on at least minimum wage and putting some money in your back pocket for your student nights out!

If you are from the south and decide to study in the north, adjusting to the price decrease will take you a matter of seconds. On the flip side, adjusting to being at home all summer in the south will take you weeks to adjust to; you will be astounded at the price increase, and won’t be able to contain your excitement to go back “up norf” and spend your pennies.

If you are interested in studying in the north, check out these destination guides and search for your perfect course: