Spanish and Portuguese BA

Expertise in modern languages has never been more important as the United Kingdom forges a new relationship with its European partners and seeks to develop its trading and cultural ties throughout the world. The University of Bristol is a thriving and dynamic centre for the study of modern languages and cultures. This degree enables you to combine the study of Spanish and Portuguese, one of which can be studied from beginner's level. Spanish is the second most widely spoken European language in the world and is the second language of the United States. At Bristol you can study topics from the history of Latin America's indigenous peoples to contemporary literature and cinema. Portuguese is the seventh most widely spoken language in the world and is an official language in nine countries across four continents. Portuguese-speaking countries have complex and fascinating cultures, and the importance of the Brazilian and Angolan economies means Portuguese speakers are increasingly in demand. You will be able to study both languages alongside the literature, history and culture of countries that speak them. In year three you will divide your year abroad between Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking environments in Europe or Latin America.

BA Award
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