Psychology is the science of behaviour. You will cover topics from seven key areas, building understanding and critical insight throughout your degree programme.These key areas are:
1. Biological Psychology - Biological basis of behaviour: neuroscience, genetics, animal behaviour
2. Cognitive Psychology - Mental processes underlying thinking, memory, language and learning
3. Conceptual & Historical Issues - Considers where the discipline has come from, where it's going, and the big unanswered questions of Psychology
4. Developmental Psychology - How we grow and develop, from conception to old age
5. Individual Differences - How we differ from one another in terms of traits, abilities and motivations
6. Research Methods - How we collect and analyse data to further understanding of the mind and behaviour
7. Social Psychology - How we perceive ourselves and others, interact as groups and the influences of culture and society
BSc Award
Full-time Study Mode
3 years Duration
C800 UCAS Code

Entry Requirements For This Course


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