Zoology with Professional Studies BSc
Zoology is the study of animals, from the simplest invertebrates to the largest terrestrial or marine mammals. Simple animals often provide models for the study of higher, more complex species (including humans) and help drive basic research that transcends the subject boundaries.

Animals interact with each other and with their environment, forming complex relationships such that zoologists need a broad understanding of the living world, life processes and the animal kingdom. Importantly, zoonotic diseases are an ever growing threat to human health e.g. Covid-19. Exciting progress is being made in animal biology and behaviour, animal health and welfare and in the management of animal communities,emerging infectious diseases, conservation, de-extinction using cloning, the use of remote sensing technologies to aid conservation and addressing climate change making this the perfect time to study Zoology.
BSc Award
Full-time Study Mode
4 years Duration
C301 UCAS Code

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