Chemistry with a Foundation Year BSc (Hons)

The second through to the fourth years of the programme are identical to the 3 year B.Sc. course. The first year (Foundation Year) will consist of 6 compulsory modules. In the first semester, students will take modules in Maths, Chemistry 1 and Chemistry Lab 1. In the second semester, they will take modules in Physics, Chemistry 2 and Chemistry Lab 2. The Maths and Physics modules will be such that the topics are taught with Chemistry context.

The separation of topics within the Chemistry 1 and 2 modules roughly mirror the Structure and Bonding and Chemical Reactions module sequence of the first year of the main chemistry courses so that students will be familiar with this non-traditional categorisation of concepts when they progress to the second year. The experiments in the Lab modules will illustrate the concepts in the parallel Chemistry 1 and 2 modules. The Chemistry content over all four modules will not simply match that of A-level but will begin to develop students' past the A- level conceptualisation and cognition levels. The ideal is that students will leave the Foundation year as prepared as possible for the mainstream chemistry modules without these latter being repetition.

BSc (Hons) Award
September Start
Full-time Study Mode
4 years Duration
F10F UCAS Code

Entry Requirements For This Course

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