BSc (Hons) Economics with Politics BSc (Hons)
The study of economics has been historically very closely linked to the study of politics. Adam Smith and other 18th Century founders of the classical school of economics were ‘political economists’ and were closely concerned with the connections between political and economic life. More recently, the pervasive influence of governments on economic activity has led to the development of ‘Public Choice’ theory – the application of economic ideas and method to political behaviour. For students wanting to see how business activities are influenced by government (and vice-versa) and who wish to follow careers in politics, journalism or education, this combination of subjects is particularly appropriate. Economics with politics can also be used as a foundation for branching out later into business (via an MBA) or into academia (after studying for a more specialist MSc).
BSc (Hons) Award
Full-time Study Mode
L1L2 UCAS Code

Entry Requirements For This Course

A-level: ABB-BBB*

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