Classical Studies at Exeter combines the traditional virtues of rigorous attention to the nuances and subtleties of language with some of the most exciting and innovative approaches to the ancient world available today. The Combined Honours programme provides an opportunity to study three cultures, and to facilitate the analysis of the worlds represented in English and Classical literature and the drawing of analogies between them. You don’t need a prior knowledge of Greek or Latin to follow this programme.

Year 1 From English, you will study Past and Present and two optional modules. From Classics, you will study Greek and Roman Narrative, or Drama.

Year 2 Two English modules including one pre-1800; plus Greek and Roman Narrative, or Drama.

Year 3 From English, you will choose one option and complete the dissertation (you’re encouraged to choose a topic that draws on knowledge of both subjects). In Classics you choose more specialised modules from a range of options.
BA English and a Modern Language (French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish)

These programmes place emphasis on literary study and cover a broad range of developments in literature in its historical and national contexts. Modules are provided in the language to help you develop the necessary critical skills to read literary texts. They are four-year programmes, with the third year spent abroad in the relevant language-speaking country on a language course or in approved paid or voluntary employment.

English and French, Italian, Spanish or Russian, will follow the same structure as English and German (which is shown as an example here), with the language modules and year abroad destinations being relevant to the language studied.

Year 1 From English, you will study Past and Present and two optional modules; from German you will study German Language; Introduction to German Literature; German and Austrian History and Culture From 1500-Today.

Year 2 Two English modules (one of which must be concerned with the period pre-1800 and one post-1800); German Language; two 15-credit options in German.

Year 3 Spent abroad in Germany or Austria.

Year 4 Dissertation; one English option; German Language; two 15-credit options in German.

For details of the English component, please see BA English in Exeter. For details of the second subject please refer to the relevant subject’s entry
BA Award
Full-time Study Mode
4 years Duration

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