Italian and Russian BA
Studying Italian at the University of Exeter brings you into contact with one of the most fascinating cultures in the world. You may be attracted to Italy’s Medieval and Renaissance culture, which produced the likes of Dante and Michelangelo, or to Italy’s cinematic heritage, from Federico Fellini to Sophia Loren, or to the regional varieties of the Italian language. Whatever your interest in Italy, the programmes with Italian will give you the opportunity to build up your knowledge of Italy’s rich past, language and culture. The Italian Department at Exeter is small enough to offer you personal support in your studies, but large enough to maintain diverse research expertise amongst its staff.

The research interests of our lecturers will give you access to a wide range of aspects of Italian culture that they are passionate about. You’ll be able to interact with this research by following particular pathways that interest you most, including Italian film, literature, linguistics including dialectology, or Italy’s political history; alternatively you can study across these topic areas. If you are not yet sure which area of Italian interests you, our introductory options in your first year will give you a flavour of the directions of study you might follow.

The Italian department at Exeter has one of the highest percentages of native Italian speaking staff in the UK and we offer a friendly, supportive and challenging atmosphere that provides high quality teaching. We value our extensive contacts with universities and other institutions in Italy as part of the Erasmus scheme. Thanks to these exchanges there is a constant presence of Italian students in the department, giving it a distinctive atmosphere and making Italian the language of much of its day-to-day life.

By the end of your degree you will have developed strong skills in spoken and written language and analytical thought, a deeper understanding of another culture and people, and have proven to yourself and others that you can meet a challenge head on. As our graduates testify, studying Italian will equip you with the skills employers seek across a wide range of professions.
BA Award
Full-time Study Mode
4 years Duration

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