Modern Languages and Cultures BA (Hons)
You can choose to study one, two or three languages from the following: Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Luxembourgish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. If you study just one language, it will be one of French, German, Russian or Spanish. You can take any language from beginner's level, and you can take French, German, Russian or Spanish post-A Level. Right from the start you'll work with school's top cultural specialists and highly trained linguistics who will help you realise your linguistic potential. Language teaching is in small groups, so you'll get plenty of support tailored to your needs and get to know your tutors well.

We're a leading centre for modern languages and cultures research. Our work spans identity, gender, linguistics, politics, migration and literary studies. This research informs our teaching, helping you to develop a global understanding of language and languages across cultures and countries. You'll be able to study optional modules either in your individual languages, or across the school you'll acquire an in-depth understanding of your chosen languages and their cultures and how they relate to other languages and cultures across different disciplines.

We offer language and culture modules that enable you to create combinations of subject areas that work well together and that can build upon your own intellectual interests (for example, visual cultures, literary studies, post-colonialism, language, families) if you want to structure your studies in this way.

You'll spend the third year of your course abroad, speaking the language and living the culture of either one or two of your chosen languages. We have a wide range of destinations on offer, both within Europe and beyond. You can choose to study at a leading university, carry out an approved work placement, or in some cases take part in exciting volunteering opportunities. You can also teach in schools via the British Council's assistantship scheme. Studying in another country will greatly enhance your transferable as well as language skills, making you even more attractive to employers.

When you return to Sheffield for your fourth year, you'll be ready to build on your experience with more advanced language classes and academic modules.

A modern languages and cultures degree at Sheffield is a confident step into the wider world and you'll be graduating with skills that are highly valued by employers. You'll learn to communicate fluently and effectively in one, two or three modern languages. You'll also develop a sophisticated understanding of the countries where those languages are spoken.
BA (Hons) Award
Study Mode
3 years Duration
T900 UCAS Code

Entry Requirements For This Course

ABB, typically including a modern foreign language

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