Classical and Historical Archaeology BA (Hons)
Our BA gives you a detailed insight into the archaeology of the classical and historical periods, and encompasses the study of ancient Greece, Rome, and medieval Europe and the Mediterranean. You'll discover why archaeology is vital to our understanding of these civilisations and their legacies.

You'll develop your skills in a broad range of archaeological methods across the arts and sciences, through a combination of hands-on learning and small-group teaching. Your degree gives you the chance to work alongside world-class researchers on a range of archaeological materials, from human bones to ancient metal objects.

Right from the start, you'll get in-depth archaeological experience. You'll do a minimum of six weeks either in the field, the laboratory or the workplace. We have a dedicated field school for excavation training and you'll have the chance to get involved in staff research projects, lab work and excavations.

We have cutting-edge laboratory facilities and extensive archaeological research collections, including human, animal and plant remains. We also have modern experimental equipment, including a 3D portable structured light scanner.

How your degree is structured
The first year provides an introduction to the classical world and archaeological research process. Our field school will give you a solid foundation in the methods of archaeological excavation.

In the second year, you'll deepen your understanding of the classical and historical worlds, and build on your research skills and archaeological experience.

In the third year, you'll choose from a wide range of optional modules. Topics could include Egypt in the Age of Empire, Athens and the Black Sea, and Rome: Capital, Hinterland and Periphery. An optional workplace learning module gives you the chance to gain valuable practical experience in a professional working environment. Your placement will be in the archaeology or heritage sector. For example, you might work for a commercial unit, in a laboratory or for a museum.

To complete your degree, you'll carry out a piece of original scientific research in the form of a dissertation. Your academic supervisor will work closely with you from the second year to develop your project. Your research will contribute to our understanding of the past and you'll share your findings in our student research conference.
BA (Hons) Award
Study Mode
3 years Duration
QV84 UCAS Code

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