Criminology Degrees

A criminology degree is essentially the scientific study of why criminal behaviour – both on a social and individual level – occurs, how it is punished, and how it can be controlled or even prevented. A degree in criminology introduces you to new perspectives about the causes and effects of crime. You will develop a strong understanding of key ideas and theories that will help you to develop sound responses to crime that will reap future benefits to our society. For example, criminology degree students often go on to assist with future policy that is aimed at reducing crime levels across the country.

Studying Criminology

Different Types of Criminology Degrees

Criminology Degrees are awarded as a BA Hons (Bachelor of Arts) and can be studied as a single degree or alongside other related subjects. Students that choose to study another subject alongside criminology often choose sociology or social policy.

What modules will I study?

Throughout the course of a three year Criminology Degree program you will study a range of compulsory and optional modules. Most universities will give students the choice of which modules they want to study, to promote specialisation in your preferred area of study. Some example criminology modules can be seen below:

  • Introducing Social Policy
  • Crime and Society
  • Issues in Contemporary Politics
  • Criminal Justice
  • Sociology of Crime and Deviance
  • Media and Society
  • Gender, Sexuality and Diversity
  • Migration and Tourism
  • Emotions in the Social World

Entry Requirements

In the UK there are 69 universities that offer criminology degrees. To gain entry to a program you will normally be required to achieve the following A Level Grades and UCAS Points:

  • A Level Grades: AAB - ABB
  • UCAS Points: 136 - 128

Career Prospects

Students that undertake a criminology degree will leave university with a range of transferable skills, making them highly employable in most fields. Most criminology graduates choose to work directly in the field and could gain roles such as:

  • Civil Servant
  • Policy Analyst
  • Charity Fundraiser
  • Youth and Community Worker
  • Public Administration
  • Probation and Criminal Justice
  • Criminology Education

88% of criminology graduates are either placed in further study or employment within 6 months of graduating, with an average earning of £23k.