Music Degrees

A music degree can enhance a student’s understanding of the world of music and turn a passion into a career. Everyone that chooses to study a music degree brings with them a range of skills and talents, making it a great environment for learning. Whilst a lot of universities offer music degrees, there is also a range of specialist music institutions that offer more specific courses at the undergraduate study level.

Studying Music

Different Types of Music Degrees

Music degrees are commonly awarded as a BMus Hons (Bachelor of Music), however, can also be awarded as a BA Hons (Bachelor of Arts). Music can be taken as a single degree, with options for specialised courses also being on offer.

Specialised music courses include:

What modules will I study?

Depending on the university you choose to study at, you will be given a range of compulsory and optional modules to study. Optional modules give you the chance to specialise your studies in your preferred area of music. Some examples of module titles can be seen below:

  • Harmony
  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Music Theory and Analysis
  • Musicology
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Jazz and Popular Music
  • Music and Science
  • Notation

Entry Requirements

In the UK there are 90 universities and specialist institutions that offer music degrees. To gain entry to a degree program you will normally be required to achieve the following A Level Grades and UCAS Points:

  • A Level Grades: A*AA - ABB
  • UCAS Points: 152 - 128

Required and Desired Subjects: Music

Career Prospects

Although some music graduates choose to work directly in the field of music, a music degree equips students with a range of transferrable skills for lots of different careers. Some job roles that music graduates can gain in the industry include:

  • Conductor
  • Digital Content Producer
  • Music Supervisor
  • Composer
  • Concert Manager
  • Music Publisher
  • Music Education
  • Music Teacher

88% of music graduates are either placed in further study or employment within 6 months of graduating, with an average earning of £18k.