Records Management (Research Preparation Masters) MSc(Econ)
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Records Management (Research Preparation Masters) MSc(Econ)

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The management of records is a discipline of ever-increasing importance for organisations, whatever their size or purpose. As a subject of academic study it is relatively young, and the UDip/MSc Econ in Records Management (RM) provides an exciting opportunity for those who wish to pursue a career in this burgeoning field. The organisational context and the relationship of RM to corporate issues such as business strategy, accountability and risk management underpins the course, whether in consideration of the public or private sector. The course provides a thorough grounding in records management theory, principles and techniques, whilst exploring the many professional issues that arise. Research capability is fostered through an applied approach that focuses on professional needs and real-life situations; research awareness is both implicit throughout the course and an explicit learning outcome. The records-related legislative environment is significant and the course covers UK law such as Human Rights, Freedom of Information and Data Protection, with some international comparative study. Of course, records encompass multi-media domains and these continue to present challenges to the profession; the sheer scale and volume, the multiplicity of media, and the increasing complexity of information objects, particularly in digital form, makes successful identification and management of records within an organisation a daunting task for which the course will prepare you. The need for the continuing accessibility of records via a digital preservation strategy is essential to almost every organisation; the course explores different approaches and techniques for achieving realistic but satisfactory preservation goals. All organisations have their own culture within which the records manager must operate - to embed RM within the culture requires sensitivity and creative handling; the requisite communication, innovation and leadership competencies are developed via action learning approaches during the teaching year.
MSc(Econ), MSc(Econ) Award
September Start
Full-time, Distance Study Mode
12 month Duration

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