Environmental Law and Management LLM
The taught Master’s in Law has been carefully designed to provide students with the opportunity to combine instruction and examination in specialist subjects of their own choice with the completion of a piece of research on a topic of special interest. The course is open to graduates from Britain or overseas, and also to those with relevant professional qualifications and experience. The course involves attendance at a series of special small group postgraduate seminars in each of the modules chosen. The emphasis is on active student participation through student presentations, discussion and group work. Students are assessed in each module (either by examination, by assessed coursework, or by a combination of these). Following the successful completion of the assessment students are required to submit a short dissertation. Students may choose any dissertation topic which relates to the area of specialism, subject to the approval of the Director of Postgraduate Studies.

Michael Bennett, LLM in Environmental Law and Management
"I think that the law modules of the postgraduate taught LLM course give an excellent overview of the various areas of UK, European Community and international environmental law, and how they relate to one another. In addition, the courses in Environmental Auditing and Environmental Assessment illustrate some of the same issues from a more business-orientated, project-specific and practical implementation perspective. Another aspect of the Aberystwyth course, which is extremely useful, is the emphasis throughout all the modules on the special interdisciplinary nature of environmental law. That is, satisfactory environmental law and policy results from a holistic understanding of the related chemical, physical and biological, geographical and social processes as well as the construction and interpretation of well-drafted statues, European Community directives or international treaties. I found all the Aberystwyth tutors very friendly and helpful, and although the "jump in the dark" into legal jargon and law journals was at times a sobering experience, their support and assistance made the transition from geologist to lawyer a relatively painless process."

Michael, previously employed by a number of UK environmental and engineering consultancies as an environmental geologist. Presently undertaking doctoral research in environmental management methods.
LLM Award
September Start
Distance Study Mode
24 month Duration

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