Audience and Reception Studies MA
MA Audience and Reception Studies

This MA course, unique to Aberystwyth, is the first specifically devoted to exploring at a high level the various traditions for understanding and researching audiences for different kinds of media and cultural practices. At the centre of our attention are film and television, and drama and performance, but we also consider museums and heritage, the many kinds of reading (from popular to literary), new digital media and beyond. Whilst obviously closely studying the various traditions for understanding audiences, there is an equally strong emphasis on exploring - and rehearsing - the various ways of researching audiences. The title of the MA signifies our strong interest in two particular traditions of research: the cultural studies tradition of qualitative enquiries, using interviews, observation and ethnography, into the processes of meaning-making from cultural encounters; and the reception studies tradition which explores already-generated materials such as reviews and controversies in order to disclose the discursive practices mediating audience encounters.

Staff teaching on this MA are actively involved in many areas of audience and reception research. The department at Aberystwyth is home to the new on-line journal for audience and reception studies Participations (in which there are opportunities for graduates to become involved). It has also been the hub in 2003-4 of the international project to study the launch and reception of The Lord of The Rings III.
MA, MA Award
September Start
Full-time, Part-time Study Mode
12 month Duration

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