Biological Sciences PhD
The Institute’s teaching was graded excellent, the highest quality category, by a team of external assessors appointed by the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales.

The Institute of Biological Sciences offers a unique combination of accessible natural habitats and first rate laboratory facilities. There are three National Parks, four National Nature Reserves and a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) within easy reach. These
marine, freshwater and terrestrial habitats make Aberystwyth ideally situated for behavioural, ecological and environmental studies of plants and animals. The well-equipped laboratories, superb computing facilities and internationally renowned staff also
make this an ideal place to study zoology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology and microbiology.

The staff in the Institute consists of 32 academics, 12 postdoctoral researchers and 39 support staff. There are over 80 postgraduate students in residence studying for a variety of postgraduate degrees, including PhDs, MPhils, and MScs. Approximately 200 undergraduate students are admitted to the Institute each year of whom 11% are over 21. Students in the Institute come from all over the British Isles, other parts of Europe and elsewhere, e.g. Eire, Greece, Germany, Japan, Portugal, Norway, Spain.

As well as modern lecture rooms and laboratories, facilities in the Institute include indoor and outdoor aquaria with freshwater and seawater circulation, several state-of-the-art molecular biology/biotechnology laboratories, an extensive suite of temperate and tropical glasshouses (you can take a web tour of the glasshouses on, a large number of controlled plant growth rooms, a bioimaging suite with the latest in electron and confocal laser microscopy and an analytical laboratory containing a suite of mass spectrometers linked to the latest chromatographic equipment. Undergraduate students use these facilities as part of their training, dependent on their degree scheme.

The Institute is a member of the Aber BioCentre (ABC) which together with the Institute of Rural Studies and the nearby BBSRC Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research (IGER) promotes the use of multidisciplinary approaches to tackle biological, biotechnological and agricultural problems. Our students benefit from this collaboration as final year students can undertake research projects at IGER and staff from IGER contribute to some of our modules. There are also close links with the nearby National Botanic Garden of Wales, an internationally renowned centre for plant science and the first national botanic garden to be built in the United Kingdom for over 200 years.

Our students have access not only to a modern, well-equipped University Library but also to the National Library of Wales. The University Library has seating for over 1,300 readers, houses more than 700,000 volumes and subscribes to more than 3,500 current periodicals. A wide range of CD-ROMs, networked databases and other electronic information sources are also available. During term time all libraries are open throughout the day (until 10pm) and the main ones are also open at the weekend. Staff are on hand to assist with enquiries and provide assistance when needed.

The National Library of Wales is one of Britain's five great libraries entitled to receive a copy of every book published in the UK. It serves not only the population of Wales but also the North of England as there are no other copyright libraries closer than Oxford, Cambridge or London.

Our students have access to a wide range of the latest computing facilities. A large number of the 900 workstations are located on campus and in halls of residence, providing unlimited 24 hour access. Aberystwyth's local area network serves as a gateway to the Internet and the World Wide Web. There is an extensive range of software ranging from word-processing packages and databases to data analysis and graphics packages. Specialist staff are on hand to provide help and guidance to all users.

In addition there is a Language and Learning Centre which offers a range of programmes for students in the University and provides specialist help in writing skills. It also provides additional specialist support for students with dyslexia to
PhD, PhD, MPhil, MPhil Award
September Start
Full-time, Part-time Study Mode
36 month Duration

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