Computer Security with Forensics BSc (Hons)
This course prepares you to work for a large security company, police force or a large-scale business enterprise that regards securing information systems as important. It is also for people who would like to work in IT, but with skills relating to the increasingly important area of cybersecurity. You study the theoretical and practical aspects of computing and computer information security, with a focus on computer forensics giving you a well-rounded viewpoint. You develop the skills to design and secure complex information systems. You learn to respond appropriately to security incidents by learning to gather evidence and gaining an understanding of the legal and regulatory environment around complex information systems. You study security and forensic tools such as - cryptography - data security - digital forensics - investigative forensics - assessing threats and vulnerabilities - network firewalls. There is currently a shortage of IT professionals with the skills you develop, making graduates from this course in high demand. You also study more general computing subjects such as - computer architecture - software programming - database systems - computer networks - project management. The course places a strong emphasis on employability and professional skills. You gain interview and presentation skills, CV and application writing skills and learn how to set up a small business or enterprise. We include seminars and workshops run by The Institution of Engineering and Technology and by employers, such as IBM, BT and Eli Lilly. In year three, you can choose to take a one-year paid work placement. Placement providers include - BT - HSBC - Sun Microsystems - the British Standards Institute - GCHQ - and the Police Force. Work placements offer valuable experience and let you apply your knowledge and skills to the industry.
BSc (Hons) Award
Full-time Study Mode

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