AI and Machine Learning for Business Online Course

Learn how to effectively harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to resolve your day-to-day business challenges with Southampton Data Science Academy’s pioneering AI and Machine-Learning for Business course.

One of the most exciting and widely-discussed topics in today’s world of technology, AI has transformed entire industries through some of the most revolutionary technological advances witnessed in recent years.

Taught by world-leading authorities in AI technology, this 6-week flexible online course utilises a problem-based learning approach to give you the opportunity to learn about a range of AI capabilities in a real-life business context.

Through this approach, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of how you can effectively apply AI technology to transform your business – helping you to find better business solutions and resolve your day-to-day business challenges.

The course is a great fit if you’re:

  • Looking to gain a deeper understanding of AI technology and its capabilities
  • Interested in finding out how AI technology can transform your business
  • Seeking more effective and efficient solutions to help you meet your business needs and resolve your day-to-day business challenges

Some of the topics you’ll cover during the course are:

  • An introduction to AI – its main applications and capabilities
  • Learning to know your customers – how to effectively apply AI and machine-learning technology to better understand your customers
  • Enhancing the customer experience – how to create AI systems that effectively speak your customers’ language
  • Future directions for AI – explore AI’s technological advances and limitations, and its implications from an ethical, moral and legal standpoint.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand what AI technology is, its capabilities and limitations, and the potential benefits it can bring to your business
  • Identify AI’s main capabilities and the relevant technologies needed to deliver them
  • Explain the different components needed to deliver complex AI systems
  • Discuss the ethical, moral and legal implications of AI in various areas of today’s society
  • Identify different types and applications of data in delivering effective AI solutions
  • Discover various software that can be used to process, analyse, and draw meaning from natural language as well as from images and numerical data, enabling deeper insights

The course is offered completely online, with assessments being conducted through coursework.

Our team of industry-leading teaching staff will guide your learnings through:

  • Video tutorials
  • Online exercises
  • Discussion forums, where you can discuss coursework and share opinions and insights with your expert tutors and global network of students
  • Independent study

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Online Course Award
May, July, October, November, January, March Start
Online Study Mode
6 weeks Duration

Entry Requirements For This Course

To apply for this course, you should have:

  • A good basic knowledge and understanding of technology

Please note you don’t need any previous coding experience to apply for this course.

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