Dr Zoë Boughton Phonological variation in spoken French, perceptual dialectology and folk linguistics; regional and urban varieties; standardisation.
Dr Emma Cayley Medieval French literature and culture, 1300–1500, especially Christine de Pizan and Alain Chartier; gender studies; literary and poetic community; manuscript studies and the history of the book.
Dr Paul Cooke The relationship between religion and literature, with particular reference to modern French Catholic literature and thought; François Mauriac; René Crevel and the interwar period.
Dr Aidan Coveney Grammatical variation and change, especially in spoken French; varieties of French and French-based creoles; general linguistics, including phonetics and pragmatics.
Professor Lisa Downing History and theories of sexuality; modern critical theory, particularly psychoanalysis and ethics; 19th-century French writing; decadence and the fin de siècle; cinema theory.
Professor Susan Hayward French cinema; film studies.
Dr Will Higbee Diasporic cinemas; national/transnational cinemas; contemporary French cinema (1990s/2000s); post-colonial Francophone cinema(s).
Dr David Houston Jones Contemporary writing in French, biographical fiction, literature and religious writing, Samuel Beckett, Jean Genet.
Dr James Kearns 19th-century literature and painting; Gautier; Mallarmé.
Dr Melissa Percival 18th-century art, literature and history of ideas: specifically, facial expression, portraiture, art criticism; Fragonard.
Dr Yolanda Plumley Secular music of late medieval France; French medieval songs; Guillaume de Machaut; music and late medieval court culture; French song and lyric poetry repertory from c1330–1420.
Dr Hugh Roberts Renaissance thought and literature; cultural history of early seventeenth-century French comedians and charlatans.
Dr Helen Vassallo Contemporary French women’s writing, particularly life writings of Jeanne Hyvrard; literature of dis(-)ease and illness as autobiography; literary translation and questions of gender in translation theory.
Professor Valerie Worth Early Modern French texts and cultures (c1500–1700), especially theories and practices of translation, 16th-century poetry, Montaigne, women's writings, 17th-century theatrical performances, the representations of the body in literature and in popular and medical thought and discourses.
Dr Tom Wynn 18th-century theatre and fiction, especially the Marquis de Sade; 'armchair' theatre from the 17th to the 19th century; film theory.
MPhil, PhD, MPhil, PhD Award
October, January, April Start
Full-time, Part-time Study Mode
2 years Duration

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