Geography (Physical) MPhil
Environmental Change

Professor Chris Caseldine, Dr Chris Fogwill, Associate Professor Stephan Harrison, Dr Richard Jones, Dr Jasper Knight, Professor Chris Turney
  • Holocene vegetation change

  • Holocene climate change

  • Calibrating proxy climate records

  • Human impact on past ecosystems and landscapes

  • Reconstructing glacial records

  • Evaluating future climate risk in the context of past evidence

  • Cosmogenic dating

  • Long term landscape development

  • Quaternary palaeoclimates

  • Contemporary climate change and risk assessment for business

  • Slope instability in mountain regions

  • Coastal geomorphology and environmental change

  • Rock Weathering

  • Biogeomorphology

  • Palaeoclimatic and Palaeoecological studies of NW England and China.

Environmental Modelling

Associate Professor David Stainforth, Associate Professor Andrew Nicholas, Dr Richard Brazier, Professor Timothy Quine

  • Diversity in global climate models and how it can inform societal response to climate change

  • Design principles for ensemble climate experiments and exploration of uncertainty in decadal to centennial timescale climate predictions

  • Strategies for upscaling process-based geomorphic models in both time and space

  • Reduced complexity modelling (including cellular automata and reduced-physics hydrological models)

  • Parameterisation of sub-grid scale processes in hydraulic models

  • Nested modelling strategies and development of statistical approaches

  • Development and application of uncertainty principles.

River Basin Science

Associate Professor Andrew Nicholas, Associate Professor Rolf Aalto, Dr Karen Anderson, Dr Richard Brazier, Professor Timothy Quine, Professor Des Walling, Professor Bruce Webb

  • Catchment sediment budget studies

  • Carbon dynamics in agricultural landscapes

  • Flooding and floodplain sedimentation

  • Fluid dynamics and sediment transport

  • River and landscape evolution

  • Stream and river temperature and hydro-ecology

  • Application of environmental radionuclide techniques

  • Mechanisms of soil erosion and soil-climate interactions

  • Development and application of remote sensing techniques.
MPhil, PhD, MPhil, PhD Award
October, January, April Start
Full-time, Part-time Study Mode
2 years Duration

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