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We offer a range of PhD opportunities in the School of Physics and Astronomy.


Our group carries out observational and theoretical studies of massive star formation, and the effects of these stars on their surroundings. On the observational side we have recently completed surveys of the Galactic Plane at mid-IR and radio wavelengths that have yielded the largest, well-selected samples of massive young stellar objects and ultra-compact H II regions to date. The Leeds group has led these two major international survey projects and is heavily involved in other ongoing Galactic Plane surveys at near-IR, far-IR, sub-millimetre and radio wavelengths.

On the theoretical side we have expertise in the hydrodynamical and magnetohydrodynamical (MHD) interaction of high Mach number flows and the effect of adding ablated/evaporated material from cold clumps into these flows. We use state-of-the-art dynamical codes to study these interactions, and radiative transfer codes to simulate observations, aid the interpretation of the data and drive future observations. The staff at Leeds are active participants in a number of international collaborations hoping to further current astrophysical research.

The School of Physics and Astronomy conducts world class research in a variety of areas, including quantum information (theory and experiment); magnetism & spintronics, and superconductivity; soft condensed matter, statistical physics, and polymers and complex fluids; biophysics, bionanotechnology, nanophysics, membranes; and astrophysics. There are numerous opportunities for experimental, theoretical, computational, and observational PhD projects.

We collaborate across campus (Mathematics, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, etc), the UK, and worldwide. The School obtains regular funding from organisations such as the EPSRC, STFC, and the EU; and participates in a number of specific UK and EU networks (magnetism, polymer dynamics, quantum information, etc).
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