Polymers for Advanced Technologies MSc

On this specialist course in polymer science and engineering, you'll learn how polymers are made and behave, how important products like polystyrene are constructed and how to use cutting-edge techniques to create new advanced materials.

You'll study the fundamental science of how polymers are structured and synthesised, and how they behave. You'll also learn about the techniques that chemists use to identify, characterise and analyse polymers. Laboratory training covers a range of polymer synthesis methods and analytical techniques.

Other modules highlight how polymer chemistry overlaps with other areas of science, by focussing on concepts from physics that explain polymers' unique physical properties, and engineering principles to look at the effects that polymer microstructures have on polymer performance.

You'll take part in a research training programme and work on your own research project, which will take up around a third of your course. You'll choose your own topic within polymer science, be assigned an academic supervisor who specialises in your area and work in their laboratory as part of a team of scientists.

Graduates from this course apply their polymer chemistry expertise in lots of different industries - from oils, paints and coatings, to food, cleaning agents and cosmetics, to medical, agricultural and aerospace technologies. This course is also great preparation for a PhD and a career in chemistry research. It's led by the experts behind the Polymer Centre - the UK's largest polymer research network within a single institution, made up of 48 research groups at the University of Sheffield, which has fostered many collaborations with businesses.

  • Fundamental Polymer Chemistry
  • Design and Synthesis of Polymers of Controlled Structure
  • Polymer Characterization and Analysis
  • Polymer Materials Science and Engineering
  • Smart Polymers and Polymeric Materials
  • The Physics of Polymers
  • Polymer Laboratory
  • Research and Presentation Skills
  • Polymer Research Project
MSc Award
Full-time Study Mode
1 years Duration

Entry Requirements For This Course

You need a 2:1 BSc (Hons) degree in chemistry, chemical physics, chemical engineering, materials or a related subject, or equivalent.

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