Masters in Sociology

The study of human societies, sociology explores the social structures and rules that are in place, social changes that have occurred over time, and the differences between societal groups, among other areas. You will cover topics that develop your understanding of societal structure and the people within, drawing from disciplines such as history, psychology, law and philosophy. You’ll learn to examine situations from a holistic point of view, considering all perspectives before making any decisions or judgments.

About Sociology


The accreditation of your sociology degree will depend on where you choose to study. It will also be influenced by your level of study. At postgraduate level, you are likely to be awarded a Master of Science (MSc), a Master of Arts (MA), or Master of Social Sciences (MSocSc). Further study will award degrees such as Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).


A postgraduate degree will normally take one to two years to complete.


Postgraduate course annual tuition fees are set by the institution, which means that they can differ. Postgraduate programmes are generally less expensive than undergraduate programmes. You will find detailed fee information on the institution webpage.

Typical Annual Tuition Fees

  • Postgraduate - £7,000

Topics Covered


During a postgraduate degree, such as an MSc, you will be able to build on the knowledge and skills gained at undergraduate level. The modules you study will be on more complex and specialist areas of sociology. You will cover the traditional areas, as well as exploring the more contemporary concepts of the subject. Modules and specialisms might include gender, sexuality, disability, racism, inequality, crime and violence, digital society, terror and security, migration and super diversity. Assessment methods could include written work, presentations, and a major research project.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for a degree in sociology will depend on where you choose to study. It will also depend on the level of study for which you are applying. For a postgraduate degree, most institutions will require that you have an undergraduate degree in sociology, or a closely related subject.

Typical Entry Requirements

  • Degree Requirements - 2:2 or higher
  • Required/Desired Subjects - Sociology, Psychology, English, Law, History