Horticulture Courses

Horticulture involves the learning and understanding of plants, greenery and landscapes. The degree will normally include practical horticultural skills, as well as understanding business and management. These courses take three to four years of full time study to complete. The course modules are normally completed via presentations, laboratory reports, essays and examinations.

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About Horticulture

Topics Covered

A horticulture degree can be studied at foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate level. At undergraduate level, students will be taught a range of topics. These will develop an understanding of practices within horticulture and required business skills. Year 1 involves several core modules, such as landscape principles, biological processes and plant production. Year 2 includes project management, field crops and plant health. Year 3 involves urban landscapes, crop management, international trade and community horticulture.

Entry Requirements

To gain entry students will normally require at least three A Level grades ABB – BBC. It is also required for students to have gained GCSE English and Maths grades A – C. Depending on where you wish to study, the entry requirements will vary. If you are applying to a highly ranked institution the entry requirements will be higher, and entrance interviews are possible. The best institutions for horticulture degrees include Nottingham Trent University, Scotland Rural College and Writtle College.

You are advised to contact the university you are applying to for a full break-down of entry requirements.

Career Prospects

A horticulture degree will often lead to further study within the agriculture field. It is also possible to pursue a research position. Many graduates are employed within the horticulture, landscape, and business sectors. Career opportunities are also available within journalism, or education sectors.

Alternatively students can decide to study a postgraduate degree in Horticulture. This will offer more in depth insight into the subject. Postgraduate degrees can be completed in twelve months of full time study, or two years of part time study.