Photography Courses

Photography degrees are most commonly studied at the undergraduate level by students who are creative and passionate about photography. Throughout a degree students will learn a range of photographic methods to enable them to create a career from their studies.

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Studying Photography

A degree in photography is awarded as a Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) degree and can take up to four years of full time study with a sandwich placement year, or a year studying/ working abroad. Students studying a photography degree are often assessed via portfolio work, sketchbooks, exhibitions and written essays.

Topics Covered

During the first year of study students will focus on a range of modules such as creative digital practice, working with light, photography and genre, truth and fiction and studio practice. In the second year students are introduced to more complex areas of photography such as historical photography, photojournalism, documentary practices, mapping space, and career preparation. In the final year of study, students are required to undertake a lot of independent research projects including a dissertation on a topic of the student’s choice, an exhibition of portfolio work, and some universities also require students to complete a work placement. During the third year of study most universities will expect students to start to develop their artistic skills in many fields other than just photography; such as film making, fine printing and multimedia productions.

Entry Requirements

Entrance to photography degrees can vary depending on the institution you are applying to, and there is a limited amount of universities that offer this type of degree. Entrance to photography degrees at these universities require students to have gained three A Level grades BBB, with some universities requiring students to have had previous photography or arts based experience.

You are advised to contact the university you are applying to for a full breakdown of their entry requirements.

Career Prospects

Graduates of photography degrees usually work directly in the field as photographers within a wide range of industries. Common job titles include studio photographer, journalism photographer, lifestyle photographer, fashion photographer, and commercial photographer. Other job roles available to photography graduates include digital imaging specialist, publishing artist, media researcher, photographic technician and project manager.