Zoology Courses

Zoology is a discipline of biology which studies the behaviour, physiology, structure and distribution of animals. Students with a keen interest in the biology and evolution of animals will benefit greatly from a zoology degree.

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About Zoology

Types of Zoology Degrees

Zoology is considered as a biological science and so it is awarded as a BSc (Bachelor of Science). The subject is normally studied alone or as part of a biological science degree, however it is possible to study zoology alongside other subjects. Some universities will also offer students the opportunity to undertake a sandwich course with either a year in the industry or a year abroad.

What modules will I study?

Throughout the course of a three year program you will study a range of core and optional modules. Most universities will give students the choice of which modules they want to study, to encourage specialisation in your favourite area of study. Some example zoology modules can be seen below:

  • Animal behaviour
  • Evolution
  • Ecology and conservation
  • Molecular biology
  • Marine biology
  • Chemical communication in animals
  • Conservation biology
  • Cell biology
  • Human physiology

Entry Requirements

In the UK there are just over 30 universities that offer zoology courses at the undergraduate level. To gain entry to a program you will normally be required to achieve the following A Level Grades and UCAS Points:

  • A Level Grades: AAB - ABB
  • UCAS Points: 136 - 128

Required and Desired Subjects: Biology, Human Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Psychology

Career Prospects

As Zoology is a biological science, the career prospects of zoology graduates are highly diverse. It is also possible for graduates to pursue further education in a more specialised field of zoology. Some example job roles and professions of zoology graduates include:

  • Conservation manager
  • Zoo manager
  • Nature photography
  • Animal care technician
  • Ecologist
  • Park assistant
  • Environmental instructor

89% of forensic zoology graduates are either placed in further study or employment within 6 months of graduating, with an average earning of £18.5k