Communications BA (Hons)
The Communications major offers a combination of intercultural communications and interdisciplinary studies. The degree offers students a broad-based knowledge of current communication theory and extensive hands-on practical experience. The required lower and upper division courses are enhanced by a theoretical and a practical module of three courses each. Imaginative applications of multi-media production and computer mediated communication are explored in many courses. In their final year, students bring their acquired theoretical knowledge to the completion of COM 491 Senior Seminar and their acquired practical skills to COM 401 Communication Projects Workshop.

Teaching and learning are regarded as a collaborative venture between faculty and students. Effective mentoring of students is regarded as a high priority. Students are guided to choose the courses which will give them the greatest opportunity to realize their potential. Students are also expected to enhance their interpersonal and intercultural skills. They are invited to explore the rich offerings that the city of London offers in their particular field whether it is a multi-media show, a new film, or a photographic exhibition. Our degree comprehensively prepares students for graduate study or for careers in international media, international marketing, corporate communications or other creative fields.

Faculty at Richmond
Well-qualified faculty bring their research interests into the classroom and enrich the curriculum. Our international faculty are successful practitioners from many fields who bring to their teaching both cutting edge ideas and the most current successful practices. Our Communications faculty are eager to share further details about their program with you. Please feel free to begin a dialogue with them.

Beyond Richmond - What can I do after graduation with a BA Degree in Communications from Richmond?
Richmond Communications degree graduates pursue opportunities throughout the world. They are recruited by the world’s top employers and pursue postgraduate programs at universities worldwide (Source: Alumni Relations at Richmond, the American International University in London).
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