How To Start Choosing Your Course

Do you want to study an undergraduate or postgraduate course, or even an online course? This is how to figure it out.

Undergraduate Level Courses: Degrees

If you have completed your A-levels or equivalent further education, the common next step in education is to study for your first degree. These courses are usually known as Bachelors degrees in Arts (BA) or Science (BSc). Undergraduate degree courses typically take three years to complete and may involved a sandwich year in industry.

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Postgraduate Level Courses: Masters

Upon completion of an undergraduate degree course, you may wish to continue your study with a postgraduate course. Commonly this will be Masters degree which can be completed in one year of full-time study, though other types of postgraduate courses exist such as postgraduate certificates (PG Cert) and diplomas (PG Dip), and research doctorates (PhD).

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Online Courses

Online study allows you to study courses at any study level without having to physically attend campus, making it the ideal way to study if you want to mix study with work or can't relocate for your studies.

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Coursefindr Makes It Easy To Find Your Perfect Course

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Coursefindr makes it easy to find courses that suit you. Pick your study level and choose what area you would like to study in, and our powerful course search will return the most relevant courses for you.

Save Your Progress

With so many options to choose from, Coursefindr lets you save courses that interest you into a shortlist as you go. You can come back to this shortlist at any point, saving you the hassle of keeping track of your search.

Make An Informed Choice

With advice and information covering everything from the benefits of studying in cities throughout the UK to advice on dealing with university clearing, Coursefindr supports you every step of the way until you begin your University course.