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The Marine Biology course focuses on the biology of whole organisms, from the diversity of life within a drop of seawater to the feeding biology of a whale, and emphasises the importance of an experimental approach to this multifaceted discipline. The oceans and the creatures that inhabit them have fascinated mankind from time immemorial. From the accessible coastal margins where most of our fisheries are, to the deepest depths which are only beginning to be explored, there is life - and life in abundance! The study of this life is marine biology. This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to participate in, and contribute to, our deepening understanding of the various fields of scientific investigation which constitute marine biology at the beginning of the 21st century. Central to this course is the observational and experimental study of selected aspects of the ecology, physiology and evolution of marine organisms. This requires application of various approaches ranging from theoretical ecology to molecular biology. Course highlights Plymouth has an unrivalled location and reputation as a centre for Marine Biology The diverse shores and clear coastal waters locally provide an invaluable resource for the study of marine biology Two overseas residential field courses The university has extensive boating facilities used on the degree course. Opportunities for dive training are also available An optional diving module is available in the second year. We are the only UK university to offer a professional diving course as part of a degree. Further information on the university's Diving and Marine Centre Strong emphasis on multi disciplinary approaches and develop practical and intellectual skills Taught by staff at the cutting edge of research - visit the websites of the Marine Biology and Ecology and Ecotoxicology and Stress Biology Research centres
Other UG Award Award
Study Mode
C161 UCAS Code

Entry Requirements For This Course

120-144 points, to include a minimum of 3 A Levels, including Grade B in Biology and two other sciences:

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