Museum Studies and Archaeology BA (Hons)

This is an exciting opportunity to study museum studies and archaeology at an undergraduate level.

Learn to think and research like a museum professional while gaining hands-on experience at our three on-site museums and on archaeological digs.

This Joint Honours course combines the contemporary theory and practice of museum studies with the academic and practical study of archaeology. At the University of Reading, our expertise in Archaeology starts with the earliest humans and spans up until the medieval period. We focus mainly on British, European and Near Eastern Archaeology, but also explore other regions across the world.

Central to the course is the hands-on experience you will gain at our on-site museums. The University has three museums – including the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology – in which you can gain experience as a volunteer while you learn. As well as museums we also have a number of special collections, including art and rare books.

You will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be a museum professional by considering the environment that artefacts are displayed in, how they are catalogued and the meanings they hold for different audiences.

Our museum teaching staff are all practising professionals, including curators, conservators and archivists, and use a combination of problem-solving and enquiry based learning techniques in their teaching. You will be given the opportunity to conduct your own research throughout the course, and in your final year, you will design, create and evaluate your own exhibition.

BA (Hons) Award
Full-time Study Mode
3 years Duration
PV14 UCAS Code

Entry Requirements For This Course

Typical Offer: ABB-BBB

International Baccalaureate: 30-32 points overall

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