Advanced Diploma in Islamic Studies SQA


This course is relevant to any candidate who wants to learn about Islam and its connection with other revealed religions such as Christianity and Judaism regarding plurality and diversity. The course will introduce students not only to the theology of Islam but its culture, civilisation and interaction with different people and nations in this globalised world.  The students will be able to develop a critical approach to the study of Islam and its diverse methodologies.

Course Information
This unique course is designed to develop students’ knowledge of the key areas of Islamic Studies. The course will introduce Islam in terms of its fundamental beliefs, history and development from the Arabian Peninsula to other parts of the world. Students will examine the key teachings of Islam as a religion and a civilisation that has encountered with other cultures and civilisations. They will also explore other areas such as women and Islam, Islamic core sources and Islamic ethics considering contemporary developments.

Through establishing a foundation and some critical thinking on the subject matter, candidates will become confident in addressing various challenges in response to their personal or professional situations through working in a multicultural society.

Course Level

This programme is approved and credit-rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). It is available on a full-time or part-time basis.

The Advanced Diploma in Islamic Studies is awarded at SCQF level 10

SQA Award
September, January Start
Full-time, Part-time Study Mode
8 month Duration

Entry Requirements For This Course

Do I need prior knowledge of this subject?

Yes – students would have completed level SCQF 8, or equivalent, in Arabic. This means students should have the ability: to read a range of styles in Arabic, from formal to informal and journalistic to expository, to understand texts of general interest, to carry out basic research and understand main ideas in non-technical writing, to use context and grammar to identify the form and guess the meaning of unfamiliar words, to write essays and opinion pieces on topics they have studied and to read, write and speak with increasing grammatical accuracy.

Entry requirements- Equivalent to SCQF level 8 in Arabic & Entry test OR Successful completion of the Certificate Arabic Language

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