Joint Program in Engineering (With George Washington University USA) BSc
Richmond has joined with George Washington University (GW) in Washington, D.C. to offer a US professionally accredited degree in civil, mechanical, electrical or computer engineering. The program begins with two years of study at Richmond in London, during which students take courses in science, mathematics, computing, engineering, social sciences and humanities. Students who maintain high academic standards are admitted to GW where they complete the final two years of study in their chosen engineering specialization. At least 68 credits must be taken at Richmond before transferring to GW. All students must take at least six courses from GW approved general education list, which
is equally split between Humanities and Social Sciences. Upon successful completion of the four-year program, students receive a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from GW.

Faculty at Richmond
Well-qualified faculty bring their research interests into the classroom and enrich the curriculum. Our international faculty are successful practitioners from many fields who bring to their teaching both cutting edge ideas and the most current successful practices. Our Engineering faculty are eager to share further details about their program with you. Please feel free to begin a dialogue with them.

Beyond Richmond - What can I do after graduation with a BS Degree in Joint Engineering from Richmond/George Washington University?
Richmond Joint Engineering degree graduates pursue opportunities throughout the world. They are recruited by the world’s top employers and pursue postgraduate programs at universities worldwide (Source: Alumni Relations at Richmond, the American International University in London).
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