Automotive Design Technology BSc (Hons)
This course covers the design and function of vehicles and their systems, equipping you for a career in designing and manufacturing vehicles and automotive components. It is based on engineering design, with a focus on automotive applications. You gain the knowledge and skills needed in automotive design and production develop skills in computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) study the process of engineering problem solving The course provides a strong technical grounding that covers design materials selection human factors involved in vehicles automotive systems such as braking, transmission and chassis You gain an understanding of the regulation and legislative needs of modern vehicles in a global setting. This includes protecting against global warming while providing comfort, safety and performance. You also develop your ability to design a vehicle that performs its functions in a reliable, safe, economical and environmentally friendly manner. Many students spend their third year working in industry. This paid work experience improves your subject and industry understanding and your employability after graduation. Our students have worked for * BMW Group, Oxford Mini Plant * Bosch * Rolls-Royce Limited * Toyota * Nissan * Lamborghini, Malaysia. You can also take a paid industry placement with component suppliers, assembly plants and other relevant engineering companies. Special facilities We have a well-equipped workshop, a vehicle laboratory and two engine test beds with emissions measurement equipment. You use these facilities for experiments, project work and the Formula Student car build. Other facilities include CAD systems running industrial packages and rapid prototyping. SHU Racing and Formula Student Formula Student is an international competition that challenges engineering students to design, build and race a single seat racing car. Students from almost every engineering and technology course make up our Shu Racing team. If you have an interest in automotive engineering and motor racing you can apply for membership of SHU Racing. Numbers are limited to students with the potential to benefit from the experience, and the ability to produce work of a high quality. SHU Racing develops your personal and technical skills. It gives you valuable business experience as the outcome relies on the performance of every team member. There are two teams of students. One develops an existing car and the other team designs and begins building a new car, which must be technically better than the old one. You work on every part of the project including *design * manufacture * business * liaising with sponsors. This experience increases your value to all types of engineering companies when you graduate. You get the chance to drive the current car by taking it to local track events and hill climbs. The high point of the year is the Formula Student competition, which takes place in July, where you present the technical design and business plan for your car to motor racing experts. You also take part in a series of events competing against other universities. Foundation course We offer a foundation course if you do not have the science and mathematics qualifications for this course.
BSc (Hons) Award
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