Social Policy, Sociology and Crime BSc

Our Social Policy, Sociology and Crime degree is a unique interdisciplinary programme that examines the changing nature of social relations, the role of social problems in our everyday lives and how institutions of the state respond to them. As part of this programme, you learn about the inequalities that undermine the rights and recognition of marginalised groups and what role social policy can play in maximising our individual and collective welfare. You will learn about the social and political construction of deviance, including who and what comes to be recognised as ‘criminal’. In doing so, you will investigate how certain behaviours and populations are regulated and whose interests these government interventions serve.

Through the course of your degree, you will investigate the dynamics between individuals and wider society and the contemporary challenges facing social policy that extend beyond national borders and discrete policy domains. By engaging with social theory, historical evidence and practical policy issues, your studies will draw on key thinkers across a range of fields to develop a deep understanding of the drivers behind particular social policies and their (often unintended) effects on individuals and civil society.

At the same time, you will explore how policy areas such as poverty, health, housing, education and street-level crime (as opposed to the crimes of powerful elites and governments) have come to be seen and portrayed as social problems. Across these areas, this programme will help you question the methods and extent to which different states do or do not provide for the welfare of its citizens or effectively tackle their social problems. By connecting ‘evidence-based’ policy issues facing contemporary societies to social theory, you will be able to comprehend why social problems persist and identify what can be done about them. A wide range of optional modules are available allowing you to tailor your degree to your individual interests and study key topics in more detail such as disability rights, terrorism, discrimination and childhood.

BSc Award
September Start
Full-time Study Mode
3 years Duration
L433 UCAS Code

Entry Requirements For This Course

A-level: ABB

We do not require A-level Sociology for this course. However, in general you should be in the process of studying social science, arts and humanities subjects for A-level.

We accept A-level General Studies.

When an applicant is taking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) this can be considered alongside A-levels and may attact an alternative offer in addition to the standard offer. If you are taking A-levels, this would be ABB at A -level and grade A in the EPQ.

GCSE: grade 4/C or above in Mathematics.

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