Ancient History and History BA
Course overview

Students of this course have the opportunity to study the development of human society in long-term perspective, embracing the ancient, medieval and modern worlds. The questions asked and methods used are often similar. Studying different historical periods in combination is challenging, but also highly rewarding. The study of Greek or Latin is not required, but may be undertaken as part of the course.

Year one

For Ancient History, you study two core modules introducing the history and culture of Greece and Rome, and an in-depth module on one topic (e.g. Alexander). Beginners' language or Classics and Popular Culture are optional. In History, you take two core modules in Learning History, plus four optional modules chosen from a range outlining the main trends in European History and European contacts with the wider world from 500 AD to the present day.

Year two

The core element in history is provided by a 6,000 word Exploring Historiography project. This independent study module focuses specifically on historiography. You also choose optional history modules covering more specialised topics than those offered in Year one. In Ancient History, an extended source study prepares you for third year dissertation work and you choose from a wide range of optional modules, including further language work.

Year three

You will write a dissertation on one subject. If this is History, it will be based on your study of a Special Subject, which involves analysis of original source material. In Ancient History, you must take either a dissertation or a Special Subject. You will also study further optional modules, or continue your language work

By the end of the course

You will have a broad knowledge of a variety of historical periods and an in-depth knowledge of subjects covered in your extended source study and dissertation. You will have the ability to work independently, to construct logical arguments, and to analyse original source material. You will have developed transferable skills including oral and written communication skills, and the ability to synthesise and evaluate information and opinions.
BA, BA Award
September Start
Full-time, Part-time Study Mode
3 years Duration

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