Contemporary European Studies with Marketing BA
Contemporary European Studies with Marketing is a new degree programme administered by the School of Modern Languages and Cultures in conjunction with the Business School. It aims to provide students with high-level proficiency in two European languages, together with a detailed understanding of contemporary European society and a professional understanding of marketing.

In this degree, two-thirds of the study is devoted to subjects taught by the School of Modern Languages and Cultures and one third devoted to Marketing and Marketing-related subjects, taught by the Business School.

Which languages can I study?
Contemporary European Studies and Marketing enables students to study TWO European languages to final degree level.

European Languages available are:

French, Spanish, German, ( all post-A level entry only)
Russian (beginners, GCSE, or A level), Serbo-Croat and Portuguese (both beginners level only)
At least one of the languages studied must be taken at post A-level entry. Candidates should particularly note the requirements for French, German and Spanish.

How long is the course and how does it work?
The degree course lasts for FOUR years, with a compulsory year abroad between Years 2 and 4.

In addition to the core language modules, taught each semester throughout the degree course, students will study a core module each semester on an aspect of contemporary European society. In Year 1, these modules will be: Introduction to Contemporary Western European Society and Introduction to Contemporary Eastern European Society. In subsequent years, these core modules will explore the relationship between contemporary Europe and the rest of the world, including the Americas, Africa and the East.

In each of the years of study, there will be TWO core modules each semester devoted to Marketing and Marketing-related subjects.

What happens on the year abroad?
The year abroad is normally divided equally between two countries where the two languages studied are spoken. Students are offered a wide variety of activities, including job placements, language assistantships and enrolment at appropriate higher education institutions and, with the approval of the Course Director, may go to European or non-European countries (students studying French, for example, may go currently to Belgium, Quebec, Togo or La Reunion, in addition to Metropolitan France; those studying Spanish may go to Spain or Latin America).

What sort of qualifications is Nottingham looking for?
The University of Nottingham positively encourages applications from different national educational backgrounds. The International Baccalaureate and European Baccalaureate are welcomed, as well as national qualifications comparable to A level. Applicants from abroad should note the University's English language level requirements.

Students wishing to study French, German or Spanish must have at least grade B at A level (or equivalent).

BA Award
September Start
Full-time Study Mode
3 years Duration

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