Social and Cultural Studies BA
The study of culture does not fall neatly within disciplinary boundaries. Has women's civil status really changed? What is the significance of new patterns of religious affiliation? Is consumerism a form of genuine self-expression or subtle oppression? Is the tabloid press just entertainment or a serious political force? What is popular culture and should we take it seriously? Attempts to answer these important questions draw on knowledge from social theory, philosophy, history, linguistics, theology, and politics, as well as sociology and cultural studies.

The key feature of the BA in Social and Cultural Studies is that students can combine a firm grounding in social science theory, knowledge and analytical techniques with the opportunity to pursue arts-based courses in all three years of their programme. Exciting possibilities open up: developing existing interests or trying something new; constructing a degree that focuses on a set of related issues, or enjoying diversity.

All this choice could be bewildering, but the degree has been designed to ensure that students have a strong base in the School of Sociology and Social Policy provided by the integrated qualifying year and by core modules in Part I and Part II which supply key theoretical and methodological perspectives.

This course enables students to combine the data handling techniques and accumulated empirical knowledge of the social sciences with methods and materials from the humanities in understanding a range of contemporary issues.

While it forms a good basis for careers in the media and other cultural industries, it does not provide technical or vocational skills. The course is based in the School of Sociology & social Policy but also draws extensively on teaching from the Faculty of Arts.
BA, BA, BA Award
September Start
Full-time, Part-time Study Mode
3 years Duration

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