Beginners` Spanish and History BA (Hons)
On this course you will study Spanish and aspects of the history, culture, cinema and literature of Spain and Spanish America. On the history side of the course, you will study a wide range of historical periods and specific countries or regions and will be trained in research methodologies and to think critically about history.

Year one
You begin a structured course in the language to take you from beginners? to degree level and also are introduced to aspects of Spanish and Spanish American history, culture and art. The History core is Learning History, a methodology based module to help to reflect on the nature of history as a discipline and to develop skills required for the writing and debating of history.

Year two
You will develop your knowledge of Spanish to prepare you for the year abroad and deepen and widen your knowledge of more aspects of Spanish and Spanish American history, culture, cinema and literature. The History core module is Exploring Historiography, intended to develop independence of mind and critical abilities, which involves planning, researching and writing a 5,000-word analysis of the historiography of a topic of your choice.

Year three
Usually spent in Spain and/or Spanish America either studying in a higher education institution, working as an assistant in a school or on a work placement.

Year four
In Spanish and Spanish American Studies, you will build on your language acquisition in Year three to develop your language skills to degree level, and will select specialist options to study from a range of topics. In History, you will select a Special Subject and one optional module.

By the end of the course
You will have a broad knowledge of the histories, cultures and literatures of the countries you have studied. You will have developed critical abilities and acquired a high level of competence in Spanish language. Your international experience will prove to employers that you are independent, resourceful and able to cope in challenging situations.
BA (Hons) Award
September Start
Full-time Study Mode
4 years Duration

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