Beginners` spanish and Russian and East European Civilisations BA (Hons)
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Beginners` spanish and Russian and East European Civilisations BA (Hons)

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Along with the study of Spanish language and the history, cinema, literature and culture of Spain and Spanish America, this course offers the opportunity to explore a region which is culturally and intellectually different and challenging without the need to acquire another language or languages. The programme provides you with high level linguistic skills in Spanish and there are also opportunities to learn various Slavonic languages.

Year one
In Spanish, you will begin a structured course in the language to take you from beginners? to degree level and also will be introduced to aspects of Spanish and Spanish American culture, art and history. For Russian and East European Civilisations, you choose from a range of introductory modules on the history, literature and culture of the region. These modules are taught and resourced in English. However, opportunities to study introductory modules in the various Slavonic languages of the region offered in the department may be available from
Year two.

Year two
In Spanish, you will develop your knowledge of the language to prepare you for the year abroad, and to deepen and widen your knowledge of aspects of Spanish and Spanish American literature, cinema, culture and history. There is a range of modules in Russian and East European Civilisations available at this level to enable you to continue your studies across the range of cultures and disciplines begun at level 1.

Year three
Usually spent in Spain and/or Spanish America on a programme of studies in a higher education institution, as an assistant in a school or on a work placement.

Year four
In Spanish, you will build on your language acquisition in Year three to develop your language skills to degree level, and will select specialist options from a range of research-based topics in the literature, cinema, culture and history of Spain and Spanish America. In Russian and East European Civilisations you are encouraged to specialise in subjects of particular interest to you. There is the opportunity for independent essay and dissertation work, in which you can undertake in-depth study of specialised topics, working with a supervisor from a module already taken. You may also continue your study of a Slavonic language, if appropriate.

By the end of the course
You will have a broad understanding of Spanish-speaking and Russian cultures and will have reached a high level of competence in Spanish. Your international experience will prove to employers that you are adaptable, independent and able to cope in challenging situations.
BA (Hons), BA (Hons) Award
September Start
Full-time Study Mode
4 years Duration

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