Human Biosciences Other UG Award
Why is there so much concern about the diets of children? What are the medical benefits of cloning? What ethical dilemmas do the advances in in vitro fertilisation present to society? These are just a few of the exciting questions that you will explore throughout the course. We are currently witnessing dramatic developments in our understanding of how the human body works and the factors involved in health and disease. Many advances have been achieved due to remarkable progress in the fields of molecular and cellular biology, which have revolutionised biomedical science. In turn, application of new technologies has led to a range of ethical, legal and economic implications. This course aims to give graduates in Human Biosciences an understanding of the science underpinning these advances, enabling them to gain employment and participate in these exciting developments. You will study all the key aspects of human biology, with option modules allowing you to follow either developments in cellular and molecular biology or a physiological and nutritional path. Course highlights It may be possible to transfer to other courses within biological sciences after year 1 Progressive acquisition of key graduate attributes is particularly catered for in the skills, methods and concepts modules Emphasis on `real-world` biology and transferable vocational skills Hands-on practical experience Benefits from strong links with the Peninsula Medical School and Faculty of Health and Social Work Interdisciplinary teaching and research means that staff address contemporary scientific theory in clinical contexts Unique students-centred modules allowing you to pursue `hot topics`
Other UG Award Award
Study Mode
C190 UCAS Code

Entry Requirements For This Course

104 - 120 points. Typlical offer of 112pts from a minimum of 3 A levels including grade B in Biology OR Human Biology and grade C in second Science, listed above. Excluding General Studies. Note 104 points offer maybe given if student was relevant work experience or other study

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