Media Studies Degrees

Media studies is a field of study that looks at the effects of mass media on society, including the past, present and future effects. People choose to study a media studies degree to gain a better understanding of the world of media and communications, and to better their prospects of graduate employment in the industry.

Why Media Studies

A media studies degree can take up to three years of full time study to complete, however, can take up to four years if the course is a sandwich degree. Not all universities offer the degree with a year in the industry. Some universities also give students the chance to take part in a study abroad program.

Entry Requirements

Depending on the university you are applying to, the entry requirements will differ. The best universities for a media studies degree tend to have higher entry requirements. Entry requirements to these universities range from gaining 3 A Level grades AAB – ABB, but may vary. You are advised to contact the institution you are applying to for more details.

Topics Covered

Most degree programs cover the main topics of media and communication including media and culture theory, sociology of media, feminist theory, sexuality, journalism, popular culture, media ethics and public relations. In the latter stages of the degree program students will be able to further specialise their media understanding in topics of their choice.

Throughout the first two years of the degree students will be taught in lecture and seminar formats, and will be graded through multiple assessment formats such as exams, coursework, and presentations. During the final year of the degree, students are normally required to write a dissertation on a media studies topic of their choice.

Career Prospects

Career prospects for a media studies graduate are very diverse with a host of roles welcoming the degree. Graduates can end up on roles such as public relations officer, multimedia specialist, film producer, event organiser, magazine journalist, advertising executive and television broadcaster.

Some students choose to study a postgraduate degree in media studies to gain a deeper understanding of the mass media. To study these degrees you will need to already possess an undergraduate degree in a related field of study.