Performance Nutrition MRes

There has been growing interest in the importance of nutrition and how it impacts competitive performance and at a general populace level. You'll look at the importance of nutrition for optimising human performance and reducing the risk of injury and illness. You will explore the interaction between applied sports nutrition, ergogenic aids / supplementation, the role of nutrition in central fatigue and dietary assessment, for the elite athletes.

Your focus will be on developing research expertise both practical and empirical skills that are transferable across industry, sport and health sectors. You'll also learn how to communicate key information to relevant sport industry partners.

The aim is to develop and submit work of publishable quality which will take the form of a project conducted over the entire year of study. The Performance Nutrition postgraduate degree can be studied to improve your prospects in a sport-related career in industry but it is also a great stepping stone to a PhD.

MRes, MRes, MRes Award
, September Start
Full-time, Part-time Study Mode

Entry Requirements For This Course

UK honours degree  (minimum 2.1) in a sport science related subject including biology and biochemistry.

Applicants with relevant employment experience or other relevant qualifications will also be considered.

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