Nutrition with Public Health Management MSc
This course is designed to help recent graduates and health professionals specialise in public health nutrition. The specialist knowledge and skills you learn allow you to enter the profession or advance into leadership roles. We developed it following the Nutrition Society guidelines, and in consultation with the British Nutrition Foundation and other public health partners. You study human nutrition from a subcellular level to a population level and cover • food composition • nutrient metabolism • epidemiology • policy implementation. To support the subject knowledge, you gain the managerial and leadership skills employers need by working on real case studies. You develop your ability to work with and manage groups of people with different needs secure and implement finances in the public health arena better understand cross-agency working in public health and its importance communicate at all levels You learn to deliver health and nutrition information to the public and other health professionals effectively through marketing and promotion techniques. The knowledge and skills you develop throughout the course are brought together with project-based modules. During these you complete real research, relevant to your own interests or area of employment. Some of your projects involve working with industry and the public health sector or our research team. Projects may focus on topics such as human appetite and feeding behaviour fibre in the diet effective public health nutrition interventions in weight management consumer perceptions of food labelling advice barriers and solutions to achieving a healthy diet practice based commissioning and the nutritionist
MSc, MSc Award
Full-time, Part-time Study Mode

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