Professional Communication MA
This course is for people who want to develop their skills and knowledge as professional communicators. You select modules and topic areas to suit your needs from a wide choice in professional communication. The course improves your practice as a professional communicator and develops your knowledge of the complexities of human communication in professional contexts. You can balance academic or research-led topics with applied topics to suit and improve your communication practice. You can negotiate assignments with tutors to reflect your needs. Attendance is part-time through distance learning, or you can combine distance learning with some face-to-face learning in the University. Associated careers We aim this course at a range of careers in areas such as: technical and corporate communications business and organisational communication teaching and caring professions public relations and some media professions The course benefits any occupation where communication is a significant part of the business. Assessment All assessment is by coursework - there are no examinations. There is one assignment for each module, equivalent to a long essay which you negotiate with your tutors. We use different forms of assessment according to the learning outcomes of the module. To qualify for MA, you must complete a dissertation of approximately 10,000 words. The dissertation will be on a topic of your choice, entirely supervised through remote learning. Course content Certificate level One from: portfolio of professional reflective practice communication planning and theory introduction to corporate communication plus two from: news making information design language and writing digital media and society practical public relations public relations in society plus a portfolio of professional reflective practice Diploma level One from: research design project plus three from: collaborative work visual communication software interface and documentation the theory of persuasion persuasion in practice communication ethics hypermedia design digital media and communication MA level dissertation Entry requirements You must have one or more of the following a first degree recognised professional qualifications in a communication field at least four years’ work experience in a professional communication field, or a closely related field such as science communication or information design. If you don’t have a recognised qualification you must show that you are capable of sustained academic study and motivated towards a course of this kind. This is done through an interview.
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