We deliver this course with Nottingham International Breast Education Centre (NIBEC)http://www.qmc.nhs.uk/nch/breastinstitute/education/timetable.htm. It is for radiographers who want to practise in mammography, or radiographers who want to achieve advanced practice in mammography and gain recognition for their skills. It is also suitable for * non-specialist radiographers * radiotherapy radiographers * specialist nurses * clinicians working in breast care. After the first year of study, you become eligible for the Postgraduate Award in Mammography Practice. This is the qualifying award from the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR)http://www.sor.org/ which is necessary to practise in mammography. You can then study modules that prepare you for advanced and consultant practice, leading to an MSc. If you do not need the qualifying award from the SCoR because you already have it, or it is not necessary for your role, you may still study for a postgraduate qualification in breast imaging and diagnosis. If you take the course to enable you to practise as a mammographer, you need the support of your clinical department to further develop your clinical skills through work experience. You must secure this commitment before starting. The course is flexible and you can tailor it to meet your needs. You can choose to study either clinical or management-based modules. To receive a postgraduate award, you must study the module research methods in practice and 50 per cent of your modules must be breast specific. It is possible to study modules as individual units. You can use any credit you gain towards an award at a later date.
PG Dip, Postgraduate Certificate Award
Part-time Study Mode

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