Film Studies with Screenwriting MA
This course will appeal to you if you have a passion for film and would like to write your own. It develops your writing skills, your knowledge of cinema and introduces you to the art and business of screenwriting. You study a module in writing for cinema. Instead of a dissertation you produce a feature length screenplay on a topic of your choice, along with a selling document and a submission strategy based on your knowledge of the market. You take two core film studies modules, film narrative and researching cinema. You also choose one film studies option, such as adaptation. We teach you the dramatic theory and storytelling techniques you need to turn your story ideas into a professionally presented calling card screenplay that has an engaging and well-told story. Visiting professionals will also give you insights into how to prepare a selling document and submission strategy for your screenplay get commissions find related work in film and television The course offers small group seminars, workshops and one-to-one tutorials with specialist staff.
MA, MA Award
Full-time, Part-time Study Mode

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