by Research in Biomedical Science MSc

Postgraduate research degree at the Institute of Biomedical and Bioscience Research (IBBR).

The Buckingham Institute for Translational Medicine at The University of Buckingham has developed a sufficient critical mass of researchers able to study diabetes and obesity from the gene through to whole-body physiology. They are internationally recognised experts in molecular genetics, biochemistry, pharmacology, nutrition and the physiology of metabolic diseases, particularly diabetes and obesity and neurodegenerative diseases.

Our goal is to define new molecular targets that could be sites for novel pharmacology and to examine a potential therapeutic agent acting from the cell to the whole body.

Undertaking a Masters by Research degree at the Institute of Biomedical and Bioscience Research can be for a range of reasons: to gain additional laboratory skills or experience and to prepare for a PhD, i.e. allowing you to gain important skills you'll need to go on to study for a PhD such as thesis writing, research training and undertaking your viva. Also, having the opportunity to work with other researchers and professionals such as post-docs, PhD students and laboratory technicians, to enhance your employment opportunities in academic and private research institutions.

You will be placed in one of our research labs to do a 12-month research project. During this period, you will receive formal training in research-related skills. At the end of your research project, you are expected to write a thesis on your studies and to defend this in a viva examination

Our research programme brings together expertise from across many subject areas in the biomedical sciences to provide you with training in several key areas of current research interest. The programme focuses on experimental science and a research-informed dissertation. It will provide you with practical laboratory-based experience with access to specialist techniques in state-of-the-art facilities.

MSc Award
April, July, September Start
Full-time, Part-time Study Mode
1 years Duration

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