Organic Chemistry

Year: 2018/19


The School of Chemistry has a selection of research project opportunities, available for PhD students across a range of research areas.

Organic chemistry research is primarily concerned with the development and application of new methods for making molecules and their applications, as reflected in the following areas:

New synthetic methodology Activities include the development of new routes for the stereoselective synthesis of small molecules, the identification of catalysts for the synthesis of small molecules through to methodology for the total synthesis of entire proteins.

Process Chemistry Several research groups are interested in the development and application of methods suitable for use in a more industrial setting and on larger scales. These links with industry and with chemical engineering are fostered through the Institute for Process Research and Development (IPRD).

Medicinal Chemistry Activities include the computer-aided design of potential pharmaceutical compounds, and new methods for the rapid synthesis of structurally diverse compound libraries. Many of these activities and collaborations with biomedical research groups are now fostered through the Biomedical Health Research Centre (BHRC).

Chemical Biology Research in this area includes the development of biomimetic molecules as new inhibitors of biological reactions through to research into the fundamental chemical mechanisms of recognition and catalysis in biological systems and the directed evolution of new biological activities. Many of these research interests are coordinated through the Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology.

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