Colour Science

Year: 2018/19


The School of Chemistry has a selection of research project opportunities, available for PhD students across a range of research areas.

Colour Science

Research in Colour Science covers three themes namely Polymer Chemistry and Surface Coating Science, Chemistry of Colorants and their Applications, and Colour and Imaging Science, with extensive collaboration between research groups. Each of these themes is detailed as follows.

  • Polymer Chemistry and Surface Coating Science

Research in this area concerns;

Synthesis and modification pigments and polymers; polymer characterisation; copolymers, polymer composites and blends, medical diagnostic sensor systems, physical chemistry of surface coatings; organic printed electronics; anti-counterfeit solutions; formulation and delivery of functional complex fluids; living polymerisation; macromolecules; supramolecular chemistry; functional nano-materials.

  • Chemistry of Colorants and their Application

Typical research topics include;

Photochromism; thermochromism; new and alternative synthetic strategies to useful organic molecules; reactive dye synthesis and application; novel coloration methods for textile fibres; hair & cosmetic chemistry (hair dyes); speciality dyes; dye photochemistry; dyes as sensitisers in cancer photodynamic therapy; dyes as photo-antimicrobial agents; novel characterisation techniques.

  • Colour and Imaging Science

Research in this area covers the following aspects;

Colour specification, difference evaluation and appearance modelling; device characterisation, cross-media colour reproduction, colour management; colour and appearance measurement metrology, digital imaging systems for measuring colour and appearance; colour notation systems, digital communication of colorimetric data; visualisation of colour order systems, VR simulation; software development for industrial applications.

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